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POLIDORO was conceived in Schio in 1945 by Aldo Polidoro and his brother Silvio.

The company began by producing acetylene jets for lighting. Subsequently the production of ceramic insulators was established alongside that of the jets. These were produced utilising the beds of kaolin found in the hills surrounding Schio.

In 1955, POLIDORO’s range was extended with the production of the liquid gas stove RADIANTGAS that met with considerable market success.

With the discovery of natural gas resources in the North Sea, there emerged, in Europe and in Italy too, the need to convert the town gas plants to natural gas.

The company’s studies and research programs were now dedicated to the field of multigas burners, with POLIDORO becoming a significant presence in the market and the primary partner of most of Europe’s electrical heating apparatus manufacturers.

The aim of the Project & Product Development Department (DPSP, acronym of Dipartimento Progettazione & Sviluppo Prodotto) is to assure a continuous improvement of the company and the total customer’s satisfaction.

As this Department is located in the new Combustion Research Centre, it forms a centre of high technology with a consolidated experience in design, project and engineering of gas burners, refined in over 60 years work. In the year 2004 the company changed into “POLIDORO S.p.A.”.


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     История POLIDORO

    История компании, основанной в 1945 году.

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