Mixer Haute Modulation HM

With Polidoro MIXER it is possible to achieve high modulation with minimum cost.

The MIXER can actually be inserted in the pneumatic control systems without changing any components or additional electronics. It doubles the actual modulation range.

Minimum impact means minimum cost.

Why high modulation?

High modulation for example 1:10

  1. Increases the efficiency of the system by reducing the number of on/off cycles. This achieves higher classification (A;A+) in the new EUP standards.
  2. Enables the boiler to be matched with solar panels.
  3. Enlarges the work field allowing a reduction in the number of variants.
  4. Enlarging the modulation range towards the minimum reduces the value of weighted emissions in the system.

The MIXER has two venturi one of which has a clapet; this closes it, due to gravity, at low power. This means a variable throat area.


There are two different MIXERS:

MINI   L=60 Ø64 – to 55kW depending on the fan

BIG    L=105 Ø82 – from 55kW to 105kW depending on the fan


The MIXER is composed of:

–          Aluminium body

–          Plastic insert of different diameters in relation to the required power

–          Heavier clapet which works from 1:5 to 1:10. It’s the key component because with its weight closes or opens one of the two channels making the system with variable area

                –          Lighter flap, closes the gas entry when the channel is closed eliminating the possibility of recirculations.


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