Polidoro تاریخچه

by studio375, 3 May 2016

In Constant Evolution Since 1945

Polidoro was founded in Schio in 1945 thanks to brothers Aldo and Silvio Polidoro.

Acetylene jets for lighting were the very first products which were followed by ceramic electricity insulators, and in 1955 the first liquid gas Radiant Gas stove was produced.

It was with the discovery of natural gas deposits in Italy and the North Sea and the spread of its use in gas boilers that the Company managed to enlarge its product range and increase its customer base.

In the 1960s, with an increase in demand for new designs the first engineers were hired. The common denominator of all projects was always a quest for innovation in design which resulted in Polidoro’s development of the first mulitgas burner.

With his closest collaborators, Aldo set out on a path he would tread for many years, by which a market was created for the product and that led Polidoro to grow more rapidly, filing numerous patents and designing burners that still today are an important part of its production line: NP Burners, Low NOx emission burners with water cooling, pilot burners and tubular burners.

Over time, Aldo Polidoro decided to transfer the company property to ensure continuity in years to come. Starting in 1995 he gradually sold the majority of the company to Giuseppe Dalla Vecchia, his general manager and faithful lifelong collaborator. The entire transaction was completed in 2005. Giuseppe’s strong entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to aim at product innovation and creation. An important achievement in this area was reached when the new Research and Development Centre was built, equipped with the most complete range of instruments, where the effectiveness of the choices made in collaboration with customers could be verified.

In 2007, Giuseppe’s children Laura and Stefano Dalla Vecchia stepped in, carrying on their father’s work with enthusiasm. The development of new products like premix and metal-fibre coated burners indeed marked another important step for the company, that once again proved it is an avant-garde partner to its customers. Constant drive to improve also led to the introduction of modern equipment that enables a high production capacity, satisfaction of market demands with great dynamism and speed and guarantee of the maximum precision and reliability of the finished product. The progressive expansion of its sales network testifies to the great importance of customer service. The spirit of constant research together with the care and attention towards the customer has been successfully conveyed to all employees and has always been Polidoro’s winning formula.


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