Future fuel composition and impact on burner design

Future fuel composition and impact on burner design

Perspective for the near future fuel composition and impact on burner design process” is the title of an article by Fabio Schiro, an engineer of the Research and Development Dept. at Polidoro and PhD student at the University of Padua. It was published in the collection of scientific papers (326 from 39 countries) presented at the International Conference on Advances in Energy System and Environmental Engineering, held in Wroclaw, Poland, July 2-5.


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As Schiro explains, “This study explores the role of gaseous fuels in meeting Europe’s future energy demand. Specifically, it highlights the relationship between the production of renewable energy (such as biogas, biomethane or hydrogen by electrolysis) and the future composition of gaseous fuels in the distribution network. Gas production from renewable sources is also a solution for the storage of energy at times when production exceeds demand.
It is an extremely topical issue with broad prospects that directly involves the R&D Dept. at Polidoro in identifying and mastering trends in the market and in the energy system by timely responding through the design of innovative and flexible products.


Schiro continues saying, “Through various tests carried out at the R&D Dept. at Polidoro, we were able to write our conclusions by proposing a test method for evaluating the performance of burners depending on the fuel composition. And it is precisely at Polidoro that we are continuing research aimed at the development of new products, exploring certain specific aspects, such as the stability of the flame and flexibility based on the fuel.”
The paper by Fabio Schiro received the Best Paper Award of the Conference.

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