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Protagonists with Polidoro in protecting the environment

Protagonists with Polidoro in protecting the environment

The Schio-based company, a world leader in the production of gas burners, is looking for technical figures for the development of innovative products.

“A climate-neutral Europe”: It is easy to say just as it is to open a hot water tap, but this is one of the most ambitious goals that the new President of the European Commission, Ursula von DerLeyen, set in her speech before the European Parliament at the start of her mandate.
“A two-step approach is needed to reduce CO2 emissions by 2030 by 50, if not 55%,” added the President.

We are, therefore, at the “point of no return” in the decarbonisation process in which Europe is leading the way with some cutting-edge protagonists “Made in Italy.
In fact, decarbonisation, emission abatement and sustainability are written in the DNA of Polidoro. Since it was founded in 1945, it has grown continuously over the last 70 years, always focusing on the development of increasingly efficient gas burners for domestic and industrial use, responding and often anticipating in the field the increasingly stringent legislation on emissions and pollution.
The environment has therefore become a value for competition on the market: since 2000, Polidoro has created a cutting-edge Combustion Research Centre where about twenty technicians, including engineers and employees, work on a daily basis to develop increasingly high-performance innovative solutions. Considering Polidoro’s market position, these solutions have a real impact on the daily lives of millions of people around the world.
Every year Polidoro invests 5% of its turnover in the most advanced research and, thanks to synergies with several Italian and foreign universities, it is developing new technical solutions that will completely change the combustion industry in the medium term.

In the light of these dynamics of continuous improvement, Polidoro is constantly seeking technical figures to hire both in view of increasing the volume of production through the global marketing of the latest “Low NOx” (low emissions) range and for the design and prototyping of new models.
“Over 80 people have been hired in the last year,” says Laura Dalla Vecchia, President of the Polidoro Group – both at the Schio plant and in the two plants abroad (Turkey and China), in most cases with no-term contracts. However, our market is very dynamic and competitive and so we are always looking for new people who are ready to get involved and invest in themselves. Because that’s what we are talking about: starting a career path at Polidoro means continuous training and setting and achieving new targets. Both for the company and for yourself. That’s why we decided to create the “Polidoro Academy”: training courses designed by our in-house trainers for our colleagues. A direct dialogue that creates high-profile added value.”

This is also the starting point where the actions for a “climate-neutral Europe” take shape and where a futuristic vision becomes routines, that is, when innovation really becomes progress. For this reason, entering the Top 100 Italian companies (according to a selection for the Best Performance Award by the Sda Bocconi School of Management, in collaboration with J.P. Morgan Private Bank, PwC and the 24 Ore Group) evaluated not only according to economic indicators, but also based on innovation in respect of the environment, is an honour, a responsibility and also a new starting point.
“Joining the Polidoro team means taking part in the process of protecting and improving the environmental heritage and being a protagonist in one of the most important challenges for all of humanity,” concludes Laura Dalla Vecchia.
Polidoro.com/jobs is the digital tool for having a try at being a protagonist in a world that already today, but especially tomorrow, ensures well-being without sacrificing the blue sky.

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