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Polidoro products are of the highest quality due to the efforts of our technicians and our skilled workers. Design and production are carried out under the supervision of our research and development center, and with the active collaboration of our customers.

  • polidoro_low_nox_burner

     LNA Burner

    LNA burner is the only low NOx emission burner ready to comply with the last step of the ErP Directive.

  • Steel_premix

     Steel Premix

    Air/Gas premixing burners for modulating equipment

  • metal-fibre-premix-e1439917619770

     Metal fiber Premix burners

    Air/Gas premixing burners covered with metal fibre for use in extreme conditions

  • Bruciatori_NP_cop

     NP burners

    Atmospheric burners for wall-hanging boilers, water heaters and condensing boilers with recuperators

  • bnox_Burners_51

     BNOx burners

    Burners for modulating appliances with low NOx and CO emissions

  • Polidoro_Mixer_5

     High Modulation Mixer

    The Polidoro MIXER provides a high level of modulation at minimum cost.

  • Polidoro_Tubular_Burners_5

     Tubular burners

    Atmospheric burners suitable for catering, boilers, stoves and log fire places

  • circolare_4

     Round burners

    Atmospheric burners for storage water heaters and heating units

  • Ovo_burners

     OVO burners

    OVO type burners for floor-standing boilers with low NOx and CO emissions

  • fiamme_piloti

     Pilot burners

    Pilot flames

  • assemblaggio__

     Assembly of burner units

    Assembly of Polidoro components and those furnished by the customer

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  • storia-di-polidoro

     The Polidoro story

    The business was established in 1945. It has been a great adventure in technological development, production and continual innovation lasting over half a century.

  • centro-ricerca-combustione-polidoro


    There are 7 labs available to our customers for running combustion, adaptability and operating tests.

  • rete-di-vendita-polidoro

     Sales Network

    Our products are exported all over the world. Please, look up the dealer nearest you.