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 Tubular burners

Tubular burners can adapt to a wide range of applications, among which are:

  • floor standing boilers
  • boilers with shell and tube heat exchangers
  • large storage water heaters
  • stoves
  • air heaters/hot air generators
  • fireplaces
  • devices for Catering, for example: cooking ranges, ovens, pasta-cookers, fryers, etc.

Burners are customized and designed according to the type of device so that the most suitable characteristics are included, which differ for each type of application.
The tubular burner belongs to the family of partially premixed burners and, as such, combustion is carried out with primary and secondary air.
The flame is particularly silent and allows modulation of approximately 40-50% of the heat capacity.
This burner is built in stainless steel and can be used with gases of the second and third family by simply replacing the injector and, with a few rare exceptions, without the need to regulate the primary air.
Given the wide range of devices in which the product may be used, the tubular burner may be provided with a series of accessories to aid in its application, for example, brackets, injectors, nozzle holder, pilots, gas manifolds, etc.
The diameter and the shape of the burner are chosen based on the type of device, the dimensions of the combustion chamber and the required power; see dimensions table.

Size Table Tubular burners

Model Maximum Total Length Maximum Nominal Input
mm mm kw  |  Btu/h
Ø40 680  9,5  |  35,910
Ø51 980 19   |  71,830
Ø60 980 35   | 132,300
30×51 700 11  |  41,580

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