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“The Factory of the Future”…in Polidoro

“The Factory of the Future”…in Polidoro

The round table “The Factory of the Future“, one of the events included in the road show “Mese della Formazione ” (“Training Month”), now in its 10thedition, was held at the Multimedia Hall of the Polidoro R&D Centre.

The meeting, moderated by Corrado La Forgia, Industrial Director at Bosch Vhit, saw the participation of entrepreneurs and observers from the economic world and was opened with a tour of the Schio plant. Igino Scortegagna, the Production Manager, guided the large group of guests through the different areas of the plant for a broad overview of the entire production process.

The tour was an opportunity for the visitors to observe the level reached by machine automation and staff training, as confirmed by La Forgia, who stated: “More visits like today’s to Polidoro should be organised. We had the opportunity of seeing how this company has laid the groundwork for the next steps ahead such as, for example, the inclusion of cobots or data analysis. It is an excellent example of an Italian company that is preparing itself for the market challenges that lie ahead”

All the participants shared many interesting ideas at the round table, which was attended by Stefano Dalla Vecchia, Managing Director, and Andrea Carmelo, Kaizen Manager, on behalf of Polidoro. The sharing of experience, strengths and critical issues proved to be the key that opened a dialogue in which the leitmotiv was the issue of how to be aware of and, deal with, changes in the market.

As La Forgia explained, “Awareness means knowing exactly what your company needs: Industry 4.0 is a natural evolution of technology, which should be understood as an incremental path that can be followed step by step, by knowing your market and competitors.”

As regards the state of the art in Italy, which has a manufacturing fabric “composed of 80% by small and medium-sized enterprises, in addressing this process, the message needs to be clear: the enabling technologies are already available, but the true revolution lies in the real and full understanding of which of these innovations can be useful to increase competitiveness,” concluded La Forgia.

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