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ISH digital edition will start the 22nd march

ISH digital edition will start the 22nd march

In a few days, from March 22nd to March 26th, the ISH exhibition will be taking place. ISH has long been a reference point for the HVAC sector worldwide.ISH-2021-digital-logo-date-1x1

As the 2021 edition will be digital for the first time, we are working to give you the best possible virtual experience.

POLIDORO has always been committed to developing new technologies that comply with the most stringent regulations and gas directives.

This year’s themes are linked to the completion of our product portfolio with high-capacity metal fibre burners, to the consolidation of the Premix and LNA burners, which make it possible to achieve sustainability and environmental protection objectives through the reduction of CO and NOx emissions, and to decarbonisation, thanks to the increase in the efficiency of appliances and the introduction of biogas and hydrogen as fuels.

This digital edition of ISH will be an opportunity to present our products with some really important innovations.

Our contents are already available at the https://ish.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/en/exhibitor-search.detail.html/polidoro-spa.html link and will be further enriched by the official opening of the fair. In order to interact with us in our ISH digital booth and schedule a meeting, it is necessary to proceed with user registration.

Upon request it will be a pleasure for us to provide you with the log-in credentials to participate in the online event and visit us.

Despite the pandemic, our activities and our companies continue to move forward and, although very different from live, in-person exhibitions, we will make the best use of these virtual spaces to present our products and some important news, the most recent of which is the opening of our new plant in Turkey.

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     The Polidoro story

    The business was established in 1945. It has been a great adventure in technological development, production and continual innovation lasting over half a century.

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    There are 7 labs available to our customers for running combustion, adaptability and operating tests.

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    Our products are exported all over the world. Please, look up the dealer nearest you.