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COUNTDOWN to the AHR Expo. Three full days in Las Vegas.

COUNTDOWN to the AHR Expo. Three full days in Las Vegas.

NewsSitoLasVegasWe are finally ready to hit the ground and meet our partners in person again. Starting on January 31st through February 2nd our sales managers will attend AHR Expo in Las Vegas, the worldwide Expo showcasing refrigeration, ventilation and heating technologies. The AHR Expo is the right place for our Combustion & Heating Experts to share the results of the research work they have been relentlessly doing during the last two years of pandemic. The EXPO is our reference point where we meet our North American partners. In the last few years, Polidoro has been developing some specific products approved according to the stringent rules imposed by the N.A. Standards on energetic efficiency and reduction of toxic emissions in the atmosphere. Working close to the customers is the cornerstone of Polidoro’s mission, which includes a customer-oriented R&D team keeping track of all market requirements as well as production facilities on-site or very close to the customers.

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     The Polidoro story

    The business was established in 1945. It has been a great adventure in technological development, production and continual innovation lasting over half a century.

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    There are 7 labs available to our customers for running combustion, adaptability and operating tests.

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     Sales Network

    Our products are exported all over the world. Please, look up the dealer nearest you.