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by studio375, 3 May 2016

POLIDORO Italian Headquarter

– Via Lago di Misurina, 76 – 36015 SCHIO – (VI) – Italy
– P.IVA 02907940247
– Tel.: +39 0445 678 678
– Fax: +39 0445 678 679
– E-mail: polidoro@polidoro.com

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  • storia-di-polidoro

     The Polidoro story

    The business was established in 1945. It has been a great adventure in technological development, production and continual innovation lasting over half a century.

  • centro-ricerca-combustione-polidoro


    There are 7 labs available to our customers for running combustion, adaptability and operating tests.

  • rete-di-vendita-polidoro

     Sales Network

    Our products are exported all over the world. Please, look up the dealer nearest you.