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by studio375, 3 May 2016

POLIDORO is always at the service of its clients.

POLIDORO follows since the beginning an aimed policy to guarantee the quality of our products and to satisfy 100% our clients.

Our experience in the market, our team of experts and our working procedures allow us to advise our clients respecting their specific needs.

In fact, POLIDORO does not work by catalogue, but by project, developing solutions made-to-measure.

One of our strength in our customer support system is the direct collaboration during the project development. The care about details and the capability to identify specific needs makes is possible to optimise production costs and time.

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  • storia-di-polidoro

     The Polidoro story

    The business was established in 1945. It has been a great adventure in technological development, production and continual innovation lasting over half a century.

  • centro-ricerca-combustione-polidoro


    There are 7 labs available to our customers for running combustion, adaptability and operating tests.

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     Sales Network

    Our products are exported all over the world. Please, look up the dealer nearest you.